Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 50: Disintegration, Paralysis, & Public Consciousness

People are not conscious enough to use the internet productively.

Marketers and news media are basically like, ‘How can we create a reptilian response in the masses?’ Don’t watch the news. The collection of hatreds and likes is how most use the Internet. Not production or a net benefit to humanity. Hatred and toxicity have hijacked the Internet.

To connect the world was the vision, what the Internet did instead was connect angry trolls and nerds and other misanthropes. The Internet is a cesspool of hatreds, cynicism, and blind stupidity. What the Internet needs is a counter-revolution to all its hatreds and violence. Why are people addicted to their phones? Because they are addicted to their hatreds and likes, and in love with themselves while indifferent to the World.

The Internet is a digital reflection of the World. Humanity destroying itself.

The Internet highlights and accentuates the fragmentation of humanity: its deft pursuit of reptilian hatreds, selfish wants, and destruction. People have strong opinions, and when those are based on hatred, or cynicism, they believe more. It’s stupid. It’s reptilian.

The Internet is often hatred versus outrage. And variations thereof. Outrage is hatred repackaged. Outrage is hatred trying to be fancy. Hatred is lazy, easy, cheap. It’s the foundation of the reptilian brain. Instead of connectivity to save the planet, what connects are swaths of hatred and toxicity. The worst of the planet. That is the Internet.

Social media was created with the intent to connect the world, but it often seems it only accentuates and accelerates fragmentation. The mass of social media is ultimately counter to what it was created for.

Write like it matters.

Write into the abyss. Write with a gun to your head.

It is not enough to smash tablets. It is not enough to declare what is painfully obvious. Fuck Nietzsche. I wrote a short novel and worshiped a loose gang of philosophers: Derrida, Zizek, Wittgenstein, et al. I read and reread books. I wrote practice essays and went through infinite drafts. I believed that since I was doing everything I was supposed to do, that somehow everything would be fine.

I believed a masters degree would yield a fulfilling career. I believed I would find a girlfriend (would be wife) that would share my political, social, spiritual, and literary beliefs. And when I was in graduate school, I bought into several failed narratives.

This is the Public Consciousness.

What is the purpose of interpreting Shakespeare or James Joyce for the millionth fucking time? In academia, there was always research. And sometimes I would question the very narrative I was in. And now after graduate school, tutoring the underprivileged, car sales, Uber, and suicidal depression, as well as co-founding Santanero Zine, Spirituality resonates.

Schooling was a smattering of all things, with a specialty in language. And too many conditioned to accept the status quo and its many underlying narratives. The main thing, the most important thing is identity level change.

I don’t have good working definitions of cosmic, Christ, and astral consciousnesses. The monk said cosmic consciousness is union with God. He talked about material consciousness, astral consciousness, and cosmic consciousness. And when I went to temple, the monk said that our first responsibility was god-realization and that our 2nd responsibility is to help others with the same.

Walls of language, thought, emotion, energy closing in…

Narrative tracks.

Language tracks.

Almost dangerous depression. This vague sense of hopelessness. The pain body often too strong, everything insufferable. Sometimes.

The ego wants to survive. Collections of cultural affirmations, pain bodies, filters.

The mind is destroying itself.

Herd consciousness stretches across time.

At different ends of its continental form, there are different levels and variations of herd consciousness. The reptilian consciousness of the herd is the 1st obstacle. The herd worships its cage, its box, its chains. How do you change a world stuck on hatred, greed, and violence when its reptilian response is destruction?

The miserable herd cannot stand change that it’s not familiar with. The language of salvation points beyond the horizon. The primordial, reptilian instinct of the herd is all too prevalent. An education, a proper education will do more than what has existed, push the herd into the next level of human understanding, consciousness.

Explore the foundations of time, emotion, and thought.

Nothing can be.

A mastery of language is not enough.

Begin the exploration of Time.

Create the World that has yet to exit.

Know truth beyond illusion.

Create impossible.

The world is basically this: Creators Vs Destroyers.

Believe in what you create, believe beyond form, knowing the foundation of energy that sustains the life of form. Do not listen to the cynics. They died on the fucking inside a long, long time ago.

Dream you fucking bastards, dream!

Do not settle for mediocrity.

Do not wait for Godot.

Create something that will outlive you.

Have a fucking god complex.

Believe or get off the stage.