Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 48: Where Wolves Eat Sheep

Discoloration of the art’s content. Fragmentation reeled in, shepherds lie en wait, congregation of ancient attempts.

At center is one perception.  At center of center is one atomic center that powers ideology and identification with ideology. There is a freedom to unwinding thoughts. Unwind the primordial surface of language– and begin the excavation.

One character in the novel becomes aware of the novel. One character becomes aware.  One character unravels the I seeming logic of the narrative. The center unravels. As the main character understands why as to the problems of the whole and unravels himself. The extraction of the main character becomes painful for the audience. The character was an expected part of the scenery, as would be a street lamp, or Earth.

The allocation of literary symbols becomes a small priority to an already transformed narrative. One narrative as it had once existed transformed by absence. The absence of form animated by Spirit becomes the primordial recognition. The recognition of animated form moves narratives in a rather different way– perhaps not farther, or closer, but realization wise– an awareness awakens from somewhere below the surface.

The character in thought can think anyone of an infinite number of thoughts and feel infinitely. The foundations of these things will come from sculpted cultural personal experiences– within the story– that is the world of the story. However, for one let’s use this world, there can exist enough gumption for the character to imagine something more. The realization of the story becomes the story.

The search for this Other reality, this Other realm, this Other thing becomes reality. Erased.

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