Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 45: Pools of Dreams.

God is the only reality. Not the reality of the ego’s interpretation, but a reality incomprehensibly beyond ego. That is the nature of stillness, of meditation. Tune into the frequency of god. They say, praise all saints of all religions, those synced to the frequency. The stillness deep below the surface of the material world. Beyond likes, beyond insight junkies, beyond creators, the realm of formless Spirit. The trip in between worlds crushes, surrenders to pain.

The language of the frequency begins and ends deep within Being. Indestructible. The ego, the mind that has hijacked all, taken life and Being away from the eye of awareness, begins to program a survival program for itself: the conditioned, reactive shitty interpretations of life, imaginary rules, and fictions that limit Life, which drowns at the bottom, still.