Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 40: Worldwide Dreams

Philosophy of the Keexzus, NO. 40: Worldwide Dreams

What are the ideological filters through which information must pass like a stone? The cultural gatekeepers are the ruiners of all past and futures. The cultural gatekeepers do not give a fucking shit about raising human consciousness. The World cannot function in the ideological malaise of the past. The lives of gods are rooted in reality destroying pain. No one is coming to save you from mediocrity. Stop believing you are not good enough. Stop cowering to the canon. Stop cowering to fear. Stop cowering to past gods. Create like there has yet to exist anything revolutionary. Leave the past like debris. Crush limiting beliefs, those impenetrable seeming walls of mediocrity and destruction. Stop worshipping the past. Write like a god, you coward.

Mediocrity is the dream of the herd. Who will take their place in history? Who will march their way into the dining room and say, “I too am America?” Who will crack open the head of Cronus? Who has the gall to climb Olympus? A god does not think on the level of the herd. They will create excuses. Very few have the fucking balls to become gods. Identify in so long as you master the field and the practice and then lift yourself into the next level. Refrain from waltzing in the shadows of gods. Refrain from worshipping at the altar of gods.

Grammarians are structural ideologists and they are not artists. They are the police. They are Big Brother ideology. They are the enemy of art. Language reinforces the suturing of Time. And yet, Spirit is not complex. The herd does not understand complexity. There must be a center for the herd. The ideological housing of institutions and ideology is the primary focus of mainstream herd consciousness. The endless infinite housing and identification of form and its sculptured interpretations is the cargo of all crystal ships. The reflection of Spirit is often ideologically filtered and not based on Spirit. Spirit is non-ideological but is created by man. Ideology is the invisible God centered thing in the heart of stone. It is the dead machine breathing inside its host.

Belief cements and hardens. Early congruence is based on chance conditioning, not field tested reality. At first, the reader falls in love with one particular ideological standard that is congruent with her particular set of life experiences. At first, the reader identifies with form. Freedom is not housed in form. Herd navigation is the beginning of slavery, unconsciousness hardening the mind into place, roots of complacency and disease.

Sculpturing psychological time is the habit of cultural ideologues at the helm of navigating herd instinct. Historically manufacturing darkness. An endless chain of ideological thought form, ideological slavery, a cave dwelling mind imagining dreams of light in a world full of darkness.

Creations and interpretations of the ideological are rarely more than productions of the ideological. Bridges between the ideological are rarely seen by the ideologue. Awareness of the ideological is the beginning of dissolving the ideological. The investigation is itself ideological. The original questions come from an ideologically housed investigation seeking answers to conform through particular cultural filters. The question, the original question, won’t necessarily unveil the Why of Structural ideology. A process must be in place, a journey into the unknown.