Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 39 Reality Destroyers

[January 20, 2015]

Who will rise above complacency and boredom? Who will rise above mediocrity?

There is the audience and then there are the actors and then there are the gods creating for you, the daring ones, the fearless ones.

How badly do you want admission with the realm of gods?

How badly do you want immortality?


Write like creation is the drug. Write like it’s your last day on Earth. Write like it matters.

Trajectory, purpose, passion. Do you fucking have it?

There is NO, ‘I gotta think about it’ here.

This is the realm of god-level.

God has a gun drawn to your head. That’s your motivation. Pretend you have a fucking purpose and vision for once in your life.

There is NO, ‘Well, let me see.’

There is no, ‘I got writer’s block.’

There is no, ‘I gotta think about it.’

Your sense of URGENCY and VISION has to be as palpable as the sun radiating.

The WHY must permeate at every level of your Being.

Commit to something that fucking matters to you.

Most are passionate about nothing. Literally. Fucking. Nothing.

Reality destroying paradigm shifts.

God complex stems from creation, origins in pain.

This is the deep structure of tectonic ruptures and signature event complexes.

Pain transforms you.

No one is coming to save you.

No one is above the process.

It is a marathon journey.

Live, you bastards, live.