Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 37: Lyrical Structuring

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 37: Lyrical Structuring

Write the chaos of crushing boundaries. Here’s the stamp of my existence. There’s always 1,000,000 thoughts. Understand the machine, its passion for living. The housing of machinery is institution. Attachments to variations of form and interpretation of forms constitutes ideological super structure. Through pain is transformation. If you are a writer, writing has to be the reason you are alive. I want to transcribe history. I want to move the tectonic plates of literature, the symbolic orders of interpretive meta-metaphors. Belief systems cause actions. Not writing is ideological. Art is ideological. Interpretation is ideological.  Logical structure is ideological. Lyrical structuring requires mastery of language. Write like a cockroach understands Kafka. Write pussy like god. Write as if you believe something real and know truth and purpose and drive like history awaits your god consciousness to recreate worlds. Write like writing. Write like immortality matters. Write like god herself is ready to fuck your brains out. Write like you know what a noun is. Write like you know one thing. Imagine there is an actual audience. Pretend people read anything. Jordan Game 6. Write like Titans. Write like history matters. Write on the walls awaiting destruction, the language barriers on structure. Write as if there is yet language that can properly contain your drive, your creations. Write like you love someone or something. Write like a god in heat. Write like reality shattering. Write like when your parents 1st met one another. Write like god gave you purpose, like you matter.

WE are going to create god level literature. We are going to write the great fucking Gatsby. Coco and I are going to rewrite The Great Gatsby. If you’re down to create history, we’re here. This is Einstein level art. Freedom from illusions. Crushing pain destroys ego. Egos war over survival of fictional truths. Mind projects ego. Ego manufacturers interpretations of truth. Thought originates in mind. The relation of thought is the beginning of language. There existed the structural mechanisms for interpretation of thought. In the beginning, there was structure…

What is your destiny? Write like a god and accept your fucking destiny. Art that has yet to exist—like art  without judgment when 17 and eating pizza, the superficial abandon, and superficial time dichotomies, write as if the structuring of time is irrelevant. You write Gatsby to understand Gatsby, a thorough understanding of lyrical foundations. You read to understand gods. You either identify with plateau level events or transform into the next level through pain.

Structure = Myth.

Language = Attachment.

Meta-narratives = ideology.

Emotional attachment = Identification with psychological time + fragmentation.

Comfort is for the weak. Failure is not a defining moment. It is a part of the process. Write like there is zero tomorrows. Write like there’s a gun to your head. Write like god is daring you to quit on your dreams. Write like judgment is looking over your back and you give zero fucking shits. Write with a sense of  fucking urgency.

Write, create, like god.

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