Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 36: Ending the Illusions of Time

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 36: Ending the Illusions of Time

There exists one image, two, then three, then infinitely more. A reel plays. A projection of the universe displayed on canvas. Sound emanates from the living, moving thing. Waves of violence. Each seeks a stake in the territory to claim their own. Master cartographers grow old and die. Each fragment of life, each player identified with their role, learns to claim their identity, their nation, their religion, their dogma. Rips and tears begin to appear. Larger displays of discoloration. An endless discord harmonizes incomprehensibly. Expansion and contraction. Herds violate the planet Earth. Rationalizations of violence grow cold. The ‘I’ turns to ‘we.’ One frightened fragment of life convinces more fearful fragments of its hateful, fearful truth. An ideology appears to overtake what has now become a full-fledged incorrigible herd. An unconscious amalgamation of fear and paranoia. One herd versus all other herds, and, still, herds versus truth, compassion, reason.

If only one could wake from this dream. If one, then two, then three, then four and perhaps more. A canvas left barren and an artist left alive.

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