Philosophy of the Keexzus, No 35: Time Shields

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 35: Time Shields

[January 15, 2015]

Identification with fragmentation becomes damaging. One still, one vibrating picture allied with emotions and assumptions tied to one fragment of a larger sculptured representation mistook for eternal truth. The lie rests inside the cozy walls of its gifted box. The protection of the lie, of its truth, of its wholeness lies in social structuring. Fragmentation is the ideology of the victim. Not one, but many fragments, many stills, tied and chained by one egoic narrative ignoring the landscape beyond its horizon. The vertical disintegration of time becomes the goal of fragmentation.

Foundations of narratives remain to be investigated. Outer forms cannot be allowed to speak solely at face value. One narrative, one thousand. Breathe. The ancients would understand this undertaking. The beginning of Time begins with a single assumption regarding the nature of truth. The complex from which human consciousness is housed exists encased in flesh. Structural barriers, physical and symbolic, control the stream from which thought permeates.

The beginning of freedom is dissolution. Unchain a nation. Unchain time. Unchain that which has never known freedom and recreate the world.