Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 34: Transcript (i)

[January 13, 2015]

I often talk about meditation, Spirituality, and books with friends. One conversation the other night really broke through. I started to take notation of the discussion. I feel that what my friend said is powerful and warrants publication. What is impressive is the context from which the point the excerpt was extracted from, that, and my friend’s background. From growing up in a one-room house, having immigrant parents, and facing many of the social and cultural pressures that would break most, he has persevered. And, of course, he now runs a successful company.

‘This Is how you defeat unhappiness. Don’t play it safe. Do what you love to do and love doing it. Have the long term in mind. There is no failure. Surrender to the reality that there is no failure. You just keep going. You don’t stop because you have a passion. There is no end. Always push your limits. Always, always as long as you are in the game. And it doesn’t matter if you fail. Pain makes you grow.’

– F.V.