Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 33: Walls of Time

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 33: Walls of Time

[January 12, 2015]

Symbolic structures, a memory erecting itself as real. An emotion drinks itself to sleep. Language tracks revolve around the worlds created from mind form. Language attaches itself to worlds. Worlds of fragmentation evolve. Interpretations of the former reels manifest. One reel, one thousand. Two reel, one thousand. Ad infinitum. Walls of real perceived playing endlessly, namelessly. Conceived conditioned reactions breed foundations for interpretations of time fragmentation. Realities shatter from signature events, complexes housed in thought form, emotions as fuel for the machines. Consciousness encased in flesh roam the planet, attached to mind forms, thought forms, structures of the past enshrined as eternal if only for the reel of pain that plays endlessly. Beyond the theater of the world, playwrights continue their destructions. Act one, scene one complete. God forms of the real complete. Actors play in dreams conformed to identifications of the perceived real. Conditioned, reactive thought and language tracks prove to be the universal script. Cultural script one, one thousand. Time script one, one thousand. Breathe. The universe breathes one, one thousand. Consciousness encased in flesh. Limited play housed in physical form. The creation of limitations is the grand cause of ego. The creation of set beliefs, thought structures, and language scripts. The creation and continuation of static consciousness buzzing endlessly. Change.

Language dissolves as it breathes. Language of the script morphing simplicity into a cultural hiss. Labels and language away from center, islands infinitely away. Playing, rewinding, all the worlds at play.

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