Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 31: Dissolve the Walls of Time

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 31: Dissolve the Walls of Time

[January 11, 2015]

It is always now. If I don’t take care of this now, I’m never going to take care of it. Identity level mastery. Stand outside. Expansion of the world. One room, one skin of form symbolic formulation in mind. Abstract symbolic real. All walls. Perception solidifies, hardens, and dies in its rigidity. Imagine the 1stappearance of light. Shatter your own fucking reality. Shatter your reality. Outside identification with thought form, one thousand. Outside the world of identity, one thousand. One structure, one identity. And the room is darkness, Plato’s cave, all is real to the actor role playing from one room to the next inside the structure. One room, one identity. Made real by walls of psychological time. The lifeblood of illusion. And the world as we know it becomes reality. More identities pump through time. Two idenitites, one thousand. Illusions pump through the heart of time. One identity, one thousand. The heartbeat of Time. Three identities, one thousand. We are all identified with our identities. Tell her. Listening to forms fizzle in the afterglow of their existence. Listening to the structure dissolve in silence. Dissolve the walls of time. I am listening to Rachmaninov. Style is human identification with form. How can I express a fraction of human experience? Style separates and creates fragmentation. I don’t belive in style anymore. You’d think there would be millions of flights. Everything should be Jordan Game 6. I remember, I. The endless buzzing of the computer. Essence breathes through, form exhales. Write like there’s no tomorrow.

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