Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 29: Structures & Illusions

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 29: Structures & Illusions

[January 6, 2015]

There exists a thought that takes precedence. It is held as priority and all other thoughts and emotions gravitate and orbit around it. The primal ego often creates what is perceived to be at center. Which emotion lies at rest? Which emotion pulls at all others? The pull of the ideological world knows how to create the architectural structure to house blindness in compassion. Ideological structures and symbolic orders, actors identified with narratives, all in all carrying out fictions. The fragmentation of consciousness becomes the belittled worlds of many. One thought, one emotion, one mind, the gravity to pull Others into the narrative, the fiction. The world becomes a battlefield for competing ideologies. Ideologues becomes warriors of their sect, of their identification, their illusion that must in someway become and remain real, even if only temporarily. Which ideology is truly rooted in the real? It seems many take cause with form and identification with narratives cultivated from ideologies based on crass fears and paranoias. The ideological becomes a worldy fiction. Actors lose themselves in their roles. And the their competing worlds war over the fear of loss.

A thought breeds emotion, perhaps a need for ‘why,’ a structure to house its fear. The more adherents within, the larger the structure. A madhouse for the incomprehensible illusion. More labels, more judgments, more fears. A governing dystopia bent on protecting its fictional place on the map of the universe. One interpretation of the map inflicts its wrath on others. Cartographers write their legislation. Proclaim the whole world as theirs, consequently the resources to accumulate more power through fear and violence moves the rest of humanity into the abyss growing larger, and quite possibly unstoppably so. The reins of history cut loose. Somewhere beyond illusion, beyond form and blind identification, perhaps the peace of a world yet unknown asks to exist.

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