Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 26: Realities Out of the Abyss

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 26: Realities Out of the Abyss

Begin once more. Perhaps every day breeds urgency. The logical servitude of structure becomes coalescence. The face of time has to change. New books have to be written. Believe in the idea that everything creates strength. Perhaps even believe in the idea that one Is enough. The singular notes of language become the subtleties of personhood. Do not believe more than Is required unless perhaps you are easy to transcend into an uncomfortable and dangerous realm of consciousness that will undoubtedly find you alone. And perhaps even this will be misunderstood. One center doesn’t exist in isolation. Think of all living things captured in a massive option constructed of billions of creatures and we make all said decisions for a planet much older than our consciousness. What creates the sense of entitlement other than a collective ego seeking pleasure at the expense of existence? Take one condition, examine its essence, it is only one whole. Take one reference experience. What are the prerequisite contours of an anomaly continuing past its taste of ego identification? What ignites human consciousness to transform beyond selfish reactive patterns trying to rationalize the destruction of anything seemingly alien and or Other? The beginning of freedom must begin at the apex of the revolutionary. Energy is the language. Recognition begins with freedom, however small the tag lines of trajectory of the illusion past the undiagnosed real. Control over mind condition is non-attachment and reignites the primordial discoloration of form from becoming primary. Govern the ideological. Do not allow it to consume its host. The real must remain. Un-real feeds ego. The longing for companionship declares one is fragmentation with a distinct set of likes and appetites. However, truth may be a snort that has not been allowed to evolve due to structural barriers created and reinforced by the Spirit of thought form taking the reins and anchoring a heavy set interpretation of reality down into the abyss. Relish that which has yet to exist and create.

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