Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 25: Discoloration of Spirit

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 25: Discoloration of Spirit

[January 1, 2015]

Structure is the lie. Grammar becomes ideology. The paper plate does not exist. Evolve beyond structure. Flying. Reduce the abstract to a concrete ideal and you have lost. Consider that which is not lost in the realm of psychological time. The vagrant noise clinging to an identity that abhors the triangulation of the machine. The machine is programmed via conditioning. One consciousness, regardless of level, imagine the portal into the unknown. Perhaps the realm of the unmanifested, as Tolle says. Or perhaps the endless shifting  stew of Derrida’s language. Imagine all signature event complexes and the details of history washing away into the void created by death. The largest fear becomes reality. There are only so many words that relate a fraction of the totality beyond thought form. Even then, the experience behind verily against ones will. The aging yellow wall paper of space time becomes the structural reality of the mainstream psychological fields: it is not Spirit in form but Spirit in projection and relation to form. All that becomes illusion has its roots in the conditioned programmed ego, which begs the question: How does one program ego or consciousness? How to convince the lifeblood of the universe to not disintegrate, the tall order had been undertaken by artists brave enough to conquer the fear of their own mortality. The diagnosis of fear becomes the charlatan elixir. Do not begin to imagine anything Other than thought form and you have found the structural foundation of ideology.

My heart wants to explore the newfound lands unknown in this time, perhaps at some time, this will be One real. Reality of the past screams like eternity reclaiming its essence in something akin to Descartes disallowing the aegis of first thought to become universal. Once we become free, the alien culture that had eluded us will become transparent. The psychology of the middle of the road is the becoming of a straight line disorienting Spirit. Hegel must become the torchbearer of new consciousness. All that is alive is a miracle. The fragmentation of consciousness becomes the pseudo reality cover whereby ego can wage war. The discoloration of the heart’s content is the elixir kissing in time. Disregard the system that controls you. Disregard limiting beliefs that seek to name, that seek comfort away from fear. Disregard all that is not god level. Become one with God in the creation of form trying to capture that which is unknowable to the larger sampling of human consciousness. The year begins with the realization, truly, that you are not your mind. The discoloration of the heart’s content is a rave becoming god consciousness. The elixir is something altogether frightening to a whole new identification with form. Here is writing without a fuck given concerning the dialogue of psychological time: the beginning of freedom and a metaphor to resonate throughout time.

The relation between time and ego composes an illusion. The discoloration of Spirit commences once the egalitarian thought processes erode the time signature. Become all things, it says. The soundtrack imagines the heart’s content, conceals all that had ever been written. One track infinitely playing in silence. Remember all that is god essence. At the intersection of all cultural epiphanies, elevation toward a newer and sightly consciousness becomes norm. When one says the mind is destroying itself, imagine the imagined. The cultural consciousness breaks with small rules. The lyrical consciousness invents new terms as have needed to be defined anew. Non-thinking is the elixir for all everything and everything eternal god level from its creation.

At the throes of clarity, God culture coranates the illness into thesis, antithesis, and synergy, the aloft diagnosis creates a template for the allegories to originate within a circular rotation of psychological time masquerading as proof that only waiting can yield desired results. The trust of all matters is the fragmentation beyond unity, positive or negative degrees plus an added plane, and quite possible more.

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