Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 23: God-Level

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No 23:

[December 31, 2014]

The literature game doesn’t exist. What is alien is originality. What is missing is the recklessness to live free from the condition of the herd. The herd does not accept the revolutionary well. The herd is stuck in past. The past is the religion of the herd—the past is, acts as the giant chain of fragmentation, a stillness anchored in slavery. Do not believe the herd has answers. The herd prides itself on the conviction of its judgments—and not the validity of its proofs.

Emotion. Judgment. Opinion. These are the convictions of the herd. The artist must remain revolutionary. God is dragging a gun across your face, asking you, telling you, forcing you to create god-level shit and you whine and bitch that you don’t have inspiration, and that you’re weak. And god pulls the trigger on your life—infinitely wasted.

You are not your fucking likes. Abandon likes and find your fucking passion, your purpose. Abandon the herd. Abandon past. Abandon, abandon, abandon, infinitely and forever.