Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 20: Death of Postmodernism, part 2

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 20: The Death of Postmodernism, part 2

[ December 28, 2014]

The postmodern condition fails as a sign. The postmodern disease is an institutionally sanctioned ideological affliction. The postmodern disease is a very particular type of ideological and social construct. The postmodern condition is the cultural hypnosis of a lower consciousness adapted by the bourgeoisie middle class that feels it is the true victim of the late 20th century. Postmodernism is suburbia crying into the still night expecting a white and gracious god to compliment their drawing on the family refrigerator of an entire world consisting of only petty problems. The postmodern condition is pathetic. The postmodern condition is supposedly, allegedly, the questioning of meta-narratives (at least according to Lyotard) but really the postmodern condition is the institutionally sanctioned ideology that questions meta-narratives in only a superficial level without the intention of passing through onto a new level of Consciousness of Being. Postmodernism is the world’s smallest violin playing along the world’s smallest pen singing about how difficult it is to not be able to handle the numerous symbolic orders and institutions that exist and everything in one way or another is a mother fucking construction of form housing more form, thought form: postmodernism is the western cultural ego trying to distance itself from its own narratives with another fucking narrative. It is the survival mechanism of a culture trying to wrestle with its own soul constrained and strapped in chains. Chains, chains, chains of signifiers.