Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 19: God-Level Consciousness

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 19: God-Level Consciousness

[December 27, 2014]

When you’re in lower consciousness, poetry is the conspiracy. This is well-written porn. Literature is the stalking of essence. Literature is god consciousness. It is anxiety… Literature is god consciousness housed in form. Take action despite fear. Write. Time is god-level fiction. It is Quentin selling watches, the Compson family budget. It is Mumbles reading Falling Into Being. It is the essence of thought form delivering life. Write unafraid. Time is the realization to transform. It is to write at the tilted level, a range or two or three beyond the level accustomed. Time, literature, time.

What creates compassion? Grammatical institutions should hate you whenever an artist redistributes the frontier of the newly founded. God level literature is nearly extinct and yet barely created. I will always be always be writing literature. I only read the passages of the bible where everyone is fucking and reaching god consciousness. I want to be the Steve Jobs of literature. Literature cannot sit passively. God level is letting go of hatred. The artist sees the freedom in between forms. Literate is independent of form. Santanero is god-level literature. God level is understanding that we are not form. God level is no longer being able to withstand pain. It is as is something else entirely not entirely reached as of yet, except in the vertical dimensions of time.

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