Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 18: Media Consciousness

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 18: Media Consciousness

[December 26, 2014]

It is difficult to watch what is considered news. It, whatever form it takes, does not take substance at its core. It is innuendo, assumption, allegation, and worse. Many of these things are clear. What is not clear is what will come after it. The death of the corporate vulture feeding like pigs comes to mind. Perhaps massive exploitation and misery are the lifeblood of lower consciousness—but the world cannot remain static. Perhaps what is needed is not trillions of dollars to create a system of the symbolic to battle another system of the symbolic, perhaps what will come into Being is simply a New World Consciousness to dissolve the Old World Consciousness that had taken and held the reins of the world. What will create this shift? The early ones, the reckless ones, ones to stray far away from the consciousness of the herd, to be misunderstood is a gift. Bring it with you as you triumph, visions and consciousness that entail a worldwide shift away from past.

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