Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 17: Death of Postmodernism, part 1.

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 17: Death of Postmodernism, part 1.

The postmodern condition is a culturally conditioned reactive pattern of manmade proportions that is merely an illusion trying to perform the magical dance of the real. Real affects Spirit & Consciousness positively—only un-real can affect negatively what is eternal. Consciousness. Human mind creates human condition, fictions masquerading as the real. Postmodernism is fragmentation of the ego living its own martyrdom, sculpting fictions and projecting their form but what animates form is real, not form itself, which is sculpted by something else entirely.

Postmodernism is, as is said, the questioning of meta-narratives. I believe it is ego transforming itself trying to deceive itself that it is form yet it is other form and others that are the cause of their boredom, their doldrums, their distress. And perhaps for some there is the general feeling that is lacking in postmodernism and its fragmentation. There has to be more than an awareness of questioning narratives and feeling unease. Postmodernism is creating and accepting malaise for life, recoiling at action, and retreating into conditioned caves of coping.

“Here is the culture I despise and here is my coping mechanism that I endorse. I feel disconnected from life and question things by opting out of being an active participant in the world. I am a postmodernist.” — My harsh caricature of a postmodernist

At issue is something much larger. Time is precious. Caricatures are shortcuts, but fuck it. I’m fucking tired of this fucking shit. I’m tired of the whiny middle class western narrative taking the world stage while the rest of the world rots. Postmodernism is the whiny American middle class crying that it has it rough because there are too many ads on TV, too much noise at the super market, too much trash on TV. It is because you have stopped creating. It is because the Western World prides itself as the center and the perceived center feels unease with its privilege.

‘I have to watch ads and shitty TV and eat unhealthy food. Allow me to write my story.” – every postmodernist ever.

Postmodernism, hopefully, is living its last days. And the question arises—what’s next?

Something not this—creation.

Creation of narratives that strive away from the victim ideology. And, yes, this, too, will be misunderstood. This is not to distract from real tragedy but from fabricated ones—an Old World Consciousness identified with the destruction of Spirit.