Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 9: Police Brutality

First appeared on on December 15, 2014.

Wordless entries into the thought catalog. Perceptions cast as truth. Energies dancing from afar. Tidal waves of humanity. Observing right-wing screeds online, I often see the reality they believe to be true. In their view of the world, every unarmed citizen that has been killed by police was guilty. Police, to them, are upholders of the law. They don’t believe cops are trigger happy or are subject to the same subconscious vices at large that exist in the world. They hate the government, except when agents of the government kill. They believe in gun rights as if guns were sentient beings in need of special protections. The only oppressed minority, to them, (it seems) are gun owners, the vigilante taking vengeance into his own hands, and police that use excessive force. Their respective reality seems to be based on fear and paranoia—the fear that someone will take away their right to kill to protect themselves.  [ edited ]

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