Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 12: Access to the Un-manifested Realm

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 12: Access to the Un-manifested Realm

[first appeared on on December 19, 2014]

Some things I hope will undergo a philosophical investigation. You may have to face many walls. You may have to fail repeatedly. You may have to win over a few minds. What are the greatest feelings in the World? Love, peace. ? [sic] Perhaps a functioning level the World consciousness cannot currently function on. How can one direct human consciousness? How can we move past judgments? The material existence of the symbolic in form exists. Perhaps it is the first addiction of humanity, a seemingly primal love affair. Through human constructions we become more alienated through form and identification. Some of this was written on November 27, 2014 while scrawling in this notebook on the floor between midnight and 4 am: The notes herein consists of mind fragments. These are narratives of the mind that I put and voiced into language in order to conflict my very own pain body. I do not believe a conventional structure would have been befitting the ideas put forth here… As others have said, language at best is a collection or organized chaos that fails to claim our humanity. The realm of pain, perhaps misread or miss-written to have said something entirely other like [indecipherable], deep in unreadable scratches and carved essences of form. But enough, my only real goals in life are to pretty simple. Become a better brother. Become a better son… Imagine a lifeless essence, imagine essence, imagine vitality, imagine stillness, imagine a language that could better World Consciousness. Imagine all the impossible. What is gaining access? Lifeblood of culture to God. What if it is not my essence to be a part of form? In literature, you identify with a story, an author, an ideology, symbolism, structure, style, voice, historical relevance. There is always already structure. This is not to castigate` an entire institution of individuals. Everyone contributes to this gambit we call [indecipherable] but perhaps it is best to understand our misunderstanding. Live in alignment with your values, hopefully which include compassion. Always actualize action to actualize the best in you. Always live free of the mind’s pernicious thought. In there is One way, there must be One other hidden from view. Exercise the discretion to pause and breathe and meditate on the idea necessary to change World Consciousness. What will it take to change World Consciousness? Imagine language that inspires that loves to create [indecipherable], to create love to even break the stranglehold of psychological Time. Imagine a lifeless essence that is Beyond the form we perceive. We can do more. We can do better. We can be the nation that advances Compassion. All and everything you do should always involve compassion. Ask, is the core of this action Compassion? [some notes indecipherable] Let us not think of politicians or politics or governments or large corporate entities. Let us think of the nature that we could all share, that we all wish to encompass and live by if only a thread of a shred in Time. The next time a new nation is composed, the overriding aim should be to stretch the life force of Compassion. [There is too much to unravel on this page, next page] Once surrendered to a lonely Old World Consciousness, the mind has learned not to identify with hatred in all its forms. We may surrender but we may not sit still. Perhaps different questions are required. We are already enough once we find purpose. Language should unpack language. Language can access our best selves through Compassion. Selective orderings of language structured in a way to offend the egoic mind desiring any perceived defect in order to discredit the calling for something much more satisfying than a World Consciousness in the throes of endless war with itself. Poetry is freedom. Language is identification with illusion, the skin of form. Create something Other shapeless and formless if only to irk the sentient ideological superstructures and their adherents a little further away from their perceived center of Reality: identification with something created in mind by anxiety and fear, something of less purpose, something beneath us, and beneath the times we have lived, something fossilized, forgotten, gone, yet still burdening ourselves through pain, an alien entity accosted and transformed into something taken along for this ride in form. WE believe we are form. WE believe to the point of hatred, death, and war that we are form, that we are thought, that we are here to war for more material form given only artificial value from an Old World Consciousness that cannot further survive in its current form: a state of symbolic structures and institutions governed by human anxiety and fear and, err, not compassion.

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