Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 11: Formless Writing

Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 11: Formless Writing

[First appeared on on December 17, 2014]

Formless writing. The basis of form is complete thought. Complete thought completes thought form. Form of a complete thought within structure rules: grammar. Conditioned historical complexes, boundaries of acceptability: genres, styles, grammar. Students of boundaries encased in flesh. Filters and judgments through institutions. Reinforcements of ideological structures through grades: advancement, institutional entry as cultural directors. Protest as errors. Structures and structures housing thought forms. Narratives created through psychological conditioning. The cultural gravity coordinating the life tracks of fiction, form. Cascading, cascading entrances at levels crushing before the substratum. Entrances exiting realms. Consciousness from the One life encased in billions of vehicles, flesh and form. Structure expands slowly, over psychological Time. Any and all movements to expand, re-structure, and transform recall the herd’s reactions. Temporary lapses in form. Awareness beyond mind cuts ties and identification with culturally accepted form within the language of thought form. The worship of form becomes reality, if only unconsciously.

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