Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 10: In the Language of Thought Form

Philosophy of the Keexzus, Column 10: In the Language of Thought Form.

[first appeared on on December 16, 2014]

Ideology is the interpretation of form. There is difficulty in resetting the psychological dimension of Time. Addiction to form exists. Addiction cannot exist in Awareness. Awareness exists beyond ego. Language exists through form. Form is the predominant existence of mind in relation to addiction. Accumulation of form takes precedence. Evaluation of form is often judgment. Judgment and or criticism is the predominant state of mind. Structures house thought forms. Thought forms consist of constructed meaning. Construction follows the blueprints of conditioned mind. Imagine language. Imagine the structure of Language of what is, of what is consists of. Imagine all boundaries disintegrating. Imagine the language of an imagination clinging to an identity on a single track of language. Imagine knobs and language forms. The lyrical entirety cornering the market before Time, an ideological discussion of thought. Of every language. Imagine the raw energy of language. Of speaking the invisible. Imagine all what is and what is not thought form. There ‘I’ was in graduate school listening to lectures by ancient Greeks. Ancients written in the form of language. Language of Time. How deeply can we delve into ego? What is the thought listening to? What is conditioning, what is programming by which our mind constructs? The razor blade cuts walls, the Greatest American movie. Imagine if thinking of past was criminal. Imagine how past exists. Imagine how past exists in Time. Imagine closely monitored language structures. Imagine all layers of language. Imagine programming. I am listening to an angel sing and she is human… Along strains and rails of constructed perceptions build on assumptions, projections of inner heaven or hell, language tracks, language tracks of the inner, language tracks spoken and unspoken. Language in pure mind capacity that is used and not used… There has been a resisting movement away from academic language. I believe that to properly even begin to construct a new field of literature perhaps what would be considered experimental literature should exist.