Unconsciousness & Ire: Outrage In America

I don’t trust most media entities. Perhaps it is the creation of things that are not art, but only outrage and focused, rigid ideologies– but even this is only a partial sampling, only my perception of what I believe to be true. I often read stories and watch videos of endless outrage, endless hysterics, a cultural theater of the self-appointed arbiters of cultural trajectory. What I argue is that artists (artists–rappers, singers, writers, comics, sculptors, creators, et al) should not be held to the standards of the herd. The media– of course not a monolithic thing, although sometimes seemingly so– is only the simple judgment machine operating within the same rigid walls of the past. Beyond nuance, I often feel the full scope of all available facts aren’t available in the cultural theater. There is always the danger of being misunderstood. There is the threat of outrage, the moral tyranny of the herd. Something different must be misunderstood. And this is not a statement that all is good or all is bad, or even any particular judgment. It simply is– I believe– something to observe. Perhaps the reactive, conditioned mind does not hold answers. At least, not whole answers, only incomplete. fragments. &. movements. away. from. truth.

NOTE: the above is regarding liberal and conservative judgments of art & comedy and attempts to silence.