islands of eruptions

island  s melting

the page does not exist

i grew up w/ a schizophrenic & a drug dealer

derridian street science

nietzsche’s dance party

endless ego seeks enlightenment

not free

all you ever really have is the present moment, do not wait for godot

feel new realities

some islands paradise, yet some islands hell, and still more beyond

islands of perception,

closed off section of the canvas, sea of blue

leave the structure, then leave the island, abandoned ideologies

understand the rest of the canvas is empty

before humanity, after humanity, the space of the stage

become the witness, the observer, the audience of one

circling around steel curtains

disharmony from fragmentation of one whole

one simple reality destroyer, everything beyond language, form

small angry minds, eruptions on the island

go get Borges’ map.

this is not real

the mind is a playwright