Stillness & Time

one great book, long torn nothing an d ripped by mind s a par t

the word they had, intertextuality

some books more than other s, still, symbolic fragments from a large r collection

all those books unread

every time, the bookstore nearly empty

stillness as the sountrack

i have done the best that i can

crabs in a bucket

stew of language, reality, some perceptions set in stone w/ errors

varying degrees of truth,fact, reality, w/ exceptions, to what % true, how often, how widespread, impact, lasting or not

perception of the ego is often either/or

facts, logic, reality, & sometimes shadows trailing afterward

lyrical lacerations

fall in love

limiting beliefs as fiction

hand your ego a microphone and say, “whatta ya got?”

humor the voice that tortures you

ego dissolves in spotlight

ego fears death

a helpless child w/ a gun

the perception of free & not free

if this, then this is not possible

imagine the inverse of reality

truth is not the cave

capture the whole world in a breath, exhale the negative

open the world

an expression of pain, free yourself, then stop,

ideological ideology

ideological leash, now cut

ideological plane, now jump

ideological summit, now jump

the indestructible present

stillness & time

once you see behind the curtains of ideology, there’s no going back

you were dead long before you ever died, a slave to your mind

your “self” does not exist (sorry descartes)

what are your belief systems

language is often used to convey perception and judgment, rarely reality

this is water, always

all you need is purpose

ideas clawing away

silence mind, not awareness

literature is 1st crafted in the heart, then ruined in the mind

language is the paint

— keex