thoughts on column

i’m supposed to write a column. the drive and interest that i once had for it seems to no longer exist. at least seems. i had first proposed that everyone in santanero write a column as to create more content for the website, and, ergo, have more hits. as it stands right now, only sam has written anything that could be categorized as a column. of course, i have many ideas that i would like to write and expand on. however, there’s no clear connection between many of them except that they exist and they somehow move in the direction of some sort of literary philosophy.

my only hope with this particular blog post is to inspire interest in the subject at hand. that is, maybe i’ll want to write that column once again. and if i investigate the reasons i haven’t, i would have to simply admit it’s just a matter of feeling down and discouraged about other things in life. and maybe then that simple ownership will signal a clearing ready made for creation.

and as for the 2nd book, it’s 18 pages so far

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