You can’t buy chemistry and you can’t buy a championship. The Angels struggled last year and they’ll continue again this year. I don’t believe the addition of Josh Hamilton will help. He’s injury-prone and is a recovering addict. He’ll be surrounded by his past vices in LA and I don’t think he’ll be able to stay away from them. That’s it. Oh, and outside of Weaver, the Angels starting rotation is sketch. Anyway, here’s how I believe the AL WEST will turn out:

1. Oakland

2. Texas (wildcard)

3. LA Angels

4. Seattle

5. Houston

I’m not trying to start shit or be a “hater,” this is just my honest, reality-based assessment. I can go deeper into the roster and still come out with the same result: Pujols is aging, Bourjos doesn’t hit for average, Kendrick can’t hit the outside slider, they don’t have a power-hitting catcher, and simply having one superstar (Trout) isn’t enough to win the World Series or even make it to the playoffs. Β It wasn’t enough last year, and it won’t be enough this year.