The Language of the Art of Screaming

The Language of the Internet is often the Language of the Art of Screaming.  Then comes the Language of the Art of Outrage. Then comes the Language of the Art of Dissent. Each sphere acting in accord with its own logic and reason, working sans reality for the most part. Alex Jones on Piers Morgan was the embodiment of everything wrong. The language of paranoid shadows angrily squawking about the perceived endangered self. If ever anyone needed to so desperately crawl out of Plato’s cave, not one but all.

And to also shit on the Huff Post while I’m at it. There was a blurb on an article from The Onion. Something about Taylor Swift dating a killer. The comment section was full of outrage and shock. There are actually many fans demanding an apology. In their minds, Taylor Swift is off-limits. These appear to be the same people that shit on rap music, dirty movies, and sexism/racism/real or imagined. The Huff Post seems to be mom-central. The helicoptering parent of America in an endless state of worry and outrage, demanding apologies and manufacturing outrage.

Every faction sticks to their language. Their core, rigid meanings. Language becomes static. Ideas die and reappear as zombified bullshit masquerading as life.