Unrestricted Art

I don’t believe art should be restricted. Not baseball caps, not film, and not music. It often feels like there’s an industry of outrage in America.

Whenever an aggregate website writer writes about hip-hop, it often feels like they know nothing of what they’re writing about. Whenever a sports writer writes about controversy, it often feels contrived and stupid. And whenever a film becomes “controversial,” it’s like, “You know you have the option not to watch it, right?” And more often than not, the headline will be misleading, the quotes diced, and the outrage selective. I’m under no illusion that journalism has ever been well-thought, researched, comprehensive, or relevant. What I am saying is that journalism and “news”as it now exist is certainly far away from any ideal that was once perceived. Then again, perhaps “news” has now become art. A disgusting hermaphrodite of truth and fiction. Whatever it is, it’s infuriatingly infuriating. A controversy generating monster.

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