The Santa Ana Mayoral Race

I have lived in Santa Ana all my life. In that time, I’ve seen many changes. Some things, however, remain the same. The politics of the city remain contentious, at times absurd, and overall draining and depressing. I attended the 3 mayoral forums that have transpired thus far (as well as several city council meetings). I strongly suggest to you (the reader) that you (yes, again) attend the last mayoral forum to be held this Friday. Regardless, here is my write-up of the mayoral candidates.

Miguel Pulido: The mayor has been in power for 18 years. His critics state that’s enough. Pulido rebuts his critics with the progress Santa Ana has made. The mayor has recused himself from voting on the unpopular PBID.

David Benavides: Benavides has served on the City Council for 6 years and states that Santa Ana needs a change in leadership.  Benavides is a licensed real estate broker and has done volunteer work in the community. Benavides supports the unpopular PBID.

George Collins: During the forums, Collins often sighted his work for the country of Peru. He marketed Peru as a tourist destination and believes he can market Santa Ana to potential businesses. Collins suggests the city could better utilize Ch. 3 as a way to market the city.

Miguel Briseno: Briseno is a retail manager turned grassroots mayoral candidate. Briseno strongly believes the city should empower residents with quarterly business workshops. He wants to encourage entrepreneurship. Briseno opposes the unpopular PBID.

Lupe Moreno: Though Moreno has done volunteer work in the community, she is best known for her participation in anti-illegal immigration protests.

Information culled from the Mayoral Candidate Forums:

Delhi Community Center: October 2
Council Chambers at City Hall: September 27
Rancho Santiago Community College District Board Room: September 12

Recommendation:  Ultimately, my recommendation is to vote Briseno for Mayor of Santa Ana. He’s not a part of the insider politics that haunt this city. As mayor, he’ll owe political favors to no one. Additionally, he’s against the highly unpopular PBID. If one truly wants new leadership and a vision for the city that’s inclusive, then only one clear choice becomes apparent: Miguel Angel Briseno.

One comment

  1. My take on it is that people can either see the glass half empty or half full concerning Pulido’s time as mayor. That there has been progress in the last 20 years is undeniable. Pulido can’t comment on the PBID due to a conflict of interest so no harm no foul there.

    I too have lived here all of my life and I’ve been arguing for turning the local people into the merchant class since I started blogging in 2010.


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