2nd Novel

The 2nd novel will be the 1st original that was abandoned and discarded nearly a decade ago; that is, by 1st novel I don’t mean ‘Falling Into Being,’ but, rather, that which was ‘Jesus Incognito.’ While ‘Falling Into Being’ is the first novel completed and made available, it should really be the 2nd; conversely, ‘Jesus Incognito’ should not have been the 2nd but the 1st. Regardless, I briefly mention ‘Jesus Incognito’ in ‘Falling Into Being.’ I don’t have any notes or pages salvaged from ‘Jesus Incognito.’ I’ll be working from, well, memory, that, and creation, the creation of newness. Sounds like something spectacularly awful to me right now, but I feel it’s the right move to make, inasmuch as I can feel or think something right from the perspective I’m dealing with right now. Regardless (again), ‘Jesus Incognito’ will not be the title of the project.

As regarding purpose and aim, I can almost say with resounding authority that while ‘Falling Into Being’ has more to do with the search for meaning, this project will deal with getting past one’s own sense of Self and understanding that which is Other. I don’t believe I can be anymore general, though if I were any more specific I would assuredly give away too much of what I have to articulate at a later time– a Time Being more appropriate to circumstances configured into the language of the text.