Under Signs

There was a LOUD pop outside, and I doubt those stray kittens are really behind any of it. If they’re only relating How tired they are to One another by the degrees of their backs arching from a sky’s view, then sound has already fallen asleep. And to mistake This Full Emptiness proves only One has already gone Deaf- or, at least, Lonely enough to believe there Was any sound to begin With.

Arms to adverbially say no thing has arms in the sign-less constitution of Things, is worth the Time to turn the Hours on Themselves. Backwards is the New Forwards. Broken melodies Sound, easily as their breathing, haikus in Outer Space. From the inner-inner circles forming combinatorialĀ  swirls around stars. As the as-low form enumerating value turns itself towards the indivisible, Yes Thing, ground breaking adverbial hearts turn to spades, LOANS on Their Own, Borrowing, Undermining mines. Undermining Signs, Undermining Under Signs.

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