1st BLog, Test One, Test Two

This is my first Official Blog Post on This Site. As you may have already Noticed, I like to Capitalize certain letters as to Give a Certain attention to Them. Not every word is Created Equally, And I don’t mean that in any creator-type-theologian type way, nor do I mean it in any Neo-Contemporary-Mythology-type-way, with or without inferred intention on my part as read by the Reader, but, perhaps (a favorite word), on Your Part, Reader. Okay. That’s Enough. Now to, Onto, the important stuff of Writing absolutely Nothing relevant–not that what had just previously been written falls into any category except Absurd-Narcissism– (cough). I, whatever that may entail, have reached/progressed/or,Or, Worse Yet, have Plateaued to the Point (yes, mountains are Being alluded to! Not in the Zarathustra-sense, though, for Iโ€™m too Retarded to even care to Go There, There), WHERE, Nothing really impresses ME, yes, Narcissism but NOT, see, Look, for I want to READ and to Continue READING, but the hundreds of thousands of pages of Theory/Fiction/Philosophy have Left me to Wonder, well, IF thereโ€™s Anything to scavenge for in the Search for meaning beyond what i [lower case intended; i would have just typed (sic) but what can you do?] Think I Think There Is. I am the Derridian Other, And the Sartre Nothing, the Heidegger-ian Dasein, and FEEL so pretentious and stupid and ridiculous Writing such things and I [back to the Upper Case] only do so because I feel that I think I feel something Doing/Acting Within/out my Being With/in This Stateless Form of Being– Restless>

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