We are always already writing literary literature.

WE must distinguish the types of canvas in between times.

We are God creatures roaming free.

We are out to transform the World.

We must believe in a higher purpose than form, than compulsive thought systems and attachments. We must learn to see for the first time. It is the responsibility of the writer to unwed God from form. It is the responsibility of the writer to unearth and extract consciousness.

Explorers roam free.

We begin to unlock and free this particular thing from its cage, we begin to unlearn the conditioned language of perception. We begin to free ourselves. The congregation of something more begins now. We may begin to cultivate consciousness. 

This is why Wittgenstein loves Metropolis.

There is no language.

And for that we know this:

Love is the extinction of Time. 

The illusion is the narrative.

We are living in a dimension of form. We have identified with the dimension of form. And yet we are largely unaware of the dimension of Spirit, of the formless, endless depth of formlessness. We must begin to unlock the endless dimension of formlessness. 

We sing in the realm of Spirit. 

Always defend truth.

We speak through time.

Gods are addicted to creation. 

In the breath of Spirit, in the all knowing thing of all Being, wake from sleep.

Perceive language and the way we connect the dots through time. There is one primordial fear that manifests in all Other fears. It is the fear of death. Our identities, collective, separate or otherwise, keep us away, away from nothingness. Delight in light. Time is an infinity structure. Infinity structures reinforce identification with mind. Explore the mind to its logical end, its culturally programmed end, that is the task. To understand this function, this pre-installed software.

We can write our own code.

We can program our mind free.

Literature is a type of cultural programming. 

Literature is written by prophets.

Writers are this.

I used to feel like I couldn’t stop thinking. It always felt like I was alone. 

I could only write away from center. I felt I could write away trouble and pain... Away from the fragments in time, away from the gaze of the reality structure, away from the perceived thing. I write in a cave. Writers endlessly search for meaning. Literature is the narrative we write about reality structures. 

Ideological debates are rooted in form, in fear.

ego is false identity. 

r e a l _ i d e n t i t t y _ i s _ f o r m l e s s n e s s

consciousness in form becomes fragmentation

ego survives in time.

free yourself from time. 

The timeless exists.

We identify with form, yet why no with that which animates form? Spirit.

Why not identify with timeless essence, with Being, with Source, with God?

We identify too often with that which will not transcend time.

Create that which has yet to exist.

We believe, still, that we are form, that we are titles and accomplishments, that we are individual fragments disconnected from One Source.

We believe we are the fundamental error: thought.

We believe that we know.

This is the discussion of Time. 

I followed language down the rabbit hole. I follow my love against all. I believed, honestly, that I could have found the answer that eluded me– that inside the study and construction of language lay some foundational truth. I had believed I was like Magellan or Armstrong, I had felt like a traveler of time. I believed I could unearth the truth that resided in time. However, that truth is beyond time, it is beyond language, it is beyond form. There exists endless pain. This is the timeless essence becoming sentient in form. Consciousness is taken from the realm of the un-manifested and it is given to form, it becomes Life. This is the flow of consciousness, this is the birth of consciousness into form. 

Dreams are the currency of magic.

In dreams, I imagine I am loved.

Consciousness is a wrecking ball, manifesting form from form, disconnected from Source.

And yet Spirit animates all. 

This is the integration of all things.

This is the public consciousness of an artist.

Literature is the art of the artist who sculpts in language.

I am writing the novel as it begins…

its descent…

Exit the world. This is an artist returning to Source. What’s the energy of your perception? At times, I feel like a prophet. I had believed I was my thoughts. I had felt unloved. I am handwriting a literary, spiritual experiment of a novel on my instragram (@keex714). We are more than our thoughts. You are more than your thoughts. You are more than your mind. You are more than symbolic addiction. That which animates life wishes for nothing in the realm of form. It is the mind’s addiction to form, to thought based systems of imagination rooted in fear of Other, which creates conflict. This is the beginning of a movement. This is the process of the dis-identification with time.

You travel in time, and you believe this is the journey, but the journey is not this, it is something else entirely.

-the accumulation of freedom is not capital. 

Beyond the conception of all things is the incomprehensibility and depth of god.

Thought is often expressed as time.

Ideological constraints exist in all ideologies.

Literature is the escape from cultural institutions claiming authority.

The end of the last era of literature saw the rise of thought as subject.

The celebration of thought as subject is a prelude to the escape from egoic activity.

Ideology seeks survival.

This is the lyrical terrain, the charting of the incomprehensible abyss of all things outside form, the endless depth of the beginning of time, underneath all, is now.

The evolution of language closely follows the evolution of consciousness.

Identity is the first fiction.

Identity is the perceived thing. It is the consumption of identity enhancers that play out in the cultural narrative. We do not want to lose our fictitious identity. That would require compassion. That would require a loss of ego, of capital, of our perceived selves. We are a selfish cultural beast. Stop believing that Other is separate, you animal. We have to lose to win. There is no winning.

There is nothing that will transcend time with you. 

Impossibility does not exist…

If you abandon thought, you abandon fear.

Art is the extraction, the expression of the indestructible… Spirit. 

it was the beginning of freedom and the birth of slavery,

it was the undefined search for meaning,

it was thought drowning in thought, 

i had disintegrated in thought. — KEEXZUS

Freedom would mean something else entirely,

a new reality, one of unbearable compassion.

The mind cannot comprehend.

This barrier, this disconnection,

the screen exists.

Spirit animates form, animates all

we forget our connection to Source

there is form and there is Source,

Source (Spirit) animates form

there had existed freedom

the world existed with freedom

false identity consumes us

a brand is safety, nationalism, patriotism, fandom,


a false identity

the mind does not comprehend this 

you cannot reconnect with Source through your mind

reconnect with Source

Timeless states reconnect one to source

timeless essence reconnects one to source

too many think small, they think they can’t, that it’s impossible, that someone won’t let them, that they need permission to create, much of the world has ceased dreaming the dreams of god, the mass of humanity has failed to dream


we write our stories, we turn the pages of time, existence has turned ideological, the mind believes its creations as truth, its interpretive filters reconnect with primal fear, i want timeless change, i want the World to transform

this wandering, formless energy

this formless essence of Life

this reality beyond time based thought form

i am doing my best to describe the incomprehensible

we are not fragments in a time based narrative, 

yet the mind believes so

we are spirit encased in flesh

you have allowed the unconsciousness of the World to program you.


Timeless states of

__ stillness__

The extraction of essence, meaning.

You are not your thoughts.

Understand the foundations of time.

Stop seeking an identity.

Eliminate the word ‘just.’

Begin the process to lose all fear.

Lose all fear.

We will engrave this story in time.

Begin to unload time.

Time is the canvas.

This is the coronation of Life,

the birth of all things.

The vibrational frequency of Being, the flow of consciousness, the existence of formless divine animating form that will become life.

The cultural identification with form will break.

We are representatives.

That is One.


The symbolic festival and institutions we take as truth are constructions. Allow for a minute the unfolding deconstruction of our reality in the present moment. Allow this understanding to take hold. We must understand what we have become. Have conversations at the foundational level. We are consciousness encased in form. This is an immortal speaking language, escaping stillness. This is the thought process magnified.

This is the beginning.

This is fragmentation.

This is the Spiritual Magna Carta, this is social media with a higher purpose.

This is the Upward Spiral of Awakening.

Abandon the chains of time.

Blow away the endless social and cultural conditioning of tribe based ego. Believe that you don’t know anything for a second, then a minute, forget everything you ever knew. The clash of tribe based ego is the foundation of national story. Every tribe has an ego. Every tribe wishes to live forever. Every tribe is the identity it has chosen. We feel we just engrave our face in time.

From nothingness, thought. From thought, identification. From identification, ideology. From ideology, tribes, ego, endless war.

Tribe accelerates language, sculpts reality with its thoughts.

Language understands the identity of its tribe.

Language sculpts reality.

Understand the foundational truths of time.

Abandon the ideological condition.

Philosophize for peace.

The predictability of the herd is history recycling itself.

Time ages ideology, not timeless foundational truth.

The arrangement of time is sculpture.

Literature is time.

The lyrical dimensions of time allow for a shift in consciousness.



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