Are You Satisfied With Your Website?

Not everything is poetry, but some things are.

Your website is a reflection of your business.

Should you be leaving the language on your site unattended?

Imagine a New Reality

A beautifully written sentence can affect the reader…

A professionally written sentence can affect the buyer….

And a masterfully written page can alter the perception of your brand entirely…

And create a NEW REALITY.

Good to Great

Does the language on your page excite you?

Do you have a larger story to tell but just can’t seem to find the right language or the right metaphor?

Perhaps it’s time for a transformation…

A lyrical restructuring that could pay dividends in perception, sales, and leads.

Why me

I have thousands of hours of experience reading, writing, & editing language.

Everything from

  • Bachelor Theses
  • Master’s Projects
  • Statements of Purpose
  • Sales Letters
  • Sales e-mails
  • Academic essays
  • Headlines and articles
  • Poetry
  • Philosophy papers
  • Religious essays
  • SEO and sales writing
  • Even text messages and love letters

Starting with WHY…

My life has been a love affair with writing…

And all the while helping others.

It would be a grand opportunity and privilege to create with you.

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