Imagine a narrative undisturbed by time. 

Imagine this historical track working independent of the ideological sculptors.

Imagine the torment of the Artist.

The beginning of the process is the ideological foundation of time.

The condition of the project rests with its sculptors, with the cultural programming of these minds. NOW, are they free? Or are they merely automatons? The whether of time will transform. The last lyrical breath of a dying god will be transcribed by an ancient gargoyle. 

Sculptors work on Time.

Sculptors transform Time. 

A treasured thought form becomes the constructed narrative project. It is the ego refusing freedom. It is the mind addicting itself to past. It is the collective dysfunctional programming that/ which disguises itself as Spirit. Spirit does not regress in time. Spirit does not imitate the language of mind addicted cultural narratives. It is beyond the petty grievances of collective cultural narratives trying to justify conflict.

A human mind addicted to its own thoughts becomes the death of innovation. 

Tradition is a trap.

The beginning of a new earth is not the collective dysfunction of society, it is collectively abandoning ideologies and behaviors that do not push ourselves to a higher spiritual consciousness. Those who defend the past are ideologues. They are speaking monuments to the past in all its ugliness and dysfunction. Their narrative trumpets the glory of a few while diminishing the experience of the many.

Abandon your most cherished beliefs.

Abandon the foundations of fictions you long to enhance and preserve through ideology.

The peace of god does not exist in form.

It exists beyond form. 

That realm you will NEVER know if you persist and resist that awaits you beyond the conditional aspect of your mind-based existence and addiction to thought-forms and structures.

IF you observe the ego, are you allowed to analyze it? 

And did you really observe it if you asked the question? 

It is not a thought, it is a structure.

It is not a structure, it is an illusion.

It is not an illusion, it is your mind. 

Your mind is an illusion. 

This cannot be true, this cannot be possibly true. 

We are reducing language beyond this silence & all things we seek: categorical categories of the real. 

Statements based on assumptions are not truth. 

Take language, take the directional flow of consciousness away from past. 


The beginning takes form. There exists varying types of forms and structures according to ideological needs. Statements sometimes contain truth. Statements sometimes contain facts. Opinions are the most dangerous if they are rooted in form. I am trying to understand the workings of my mind in an attempt to understand all that tires me. It is an exercise in futility. It is something that has been explained by the ancients. All that is eternal is beyond mind, beyond language. This singular truth supersedes all else. We begin to awaken once we begin to dis-identify from mind. However this process takes away from you, your false self that has been in power for nearly the eternity of your life. If you are accustomed to form, this will be a difficult pill to swallow. I have difficulty letting go of form. I feel like a gargoyle that has fallen in love with language, the only thing that has every responded with unconditional love for the existence of time. In time, we can travel away from the NOW. This is only a desired state if we resist what is. The beginning of freedom is something else entirely, yet the association between mind and the existence of self is the culturally programmed startup. Once we begin to abandon our closely held beliefs regarding time and self, a new realm of awareness takes form beyond itself. It is the almost lyrical freedom that often rests unnamed in a world that resides in conflicts between forms. 

Identifications with forms, institutions, and ideologies is the work of ego. It is the false self that grows and becomes tribal, becomes nation, becomes war and conflict, becomes the endless histories awaiting their own extinction.

Salvation rests in what the mind does not understand: a space and time that is not there, but here, NOW.

It is what the more attuned mind seeks and yet will never attain as long as it seeks it. We cannot want salvation as long as we hold dear the chains that have kept the past alive in bondage. A Worldwide cultural awakening needs to take place to unmask the illusion that we have been held captive by. There is one planet and no exit from time except within. 

We are in the beginning of a cultural shift from cultural structuralism to something more free, dangerous, and uncertain.

The chaos from this epoch will yield cultural winners and the rest.

All that was certain of a past of approved cultural agreements has long faded: good jobs that pay a living wage, benefits, retirement, and that present job security are a relic of the recent past. (save few exceptions)

The world that awaits us (and in many cases that is already here) is one of individual process.

Before, one could hope to follow the cultural process of going to college, seeking entry-level employment and eventually becoming stuck in the bureaucracy of middle-management. All of that is gone now. The benefit of this new age of uncertainty is being pushed to one’s limits. It is the function of catastrophic loss to seek meaning and answers outside preconceived, reactionary cultural institutions. Now one must seek answers and meaning from oneself past mind, past the engraved cave drawings of a world long gone. One has to find one’s greatest talent, seek mastery, and go all in in the public sphere.

The death of self, of the ego, is accelerated by the death of cultural processes and institutions that once seemed indestructible. We are all alone left to fend in this new economy created by a handful of sculptors. Albeit, there still resides great power in one’s individual power to create. There is the hope that one can alter the flow of cultural consciousness, that one can still engrave one’s name in time. 

Love and godspeed. 

Construction centers around the perceived subject.

Architecture is ideological.

Narrative, in the eyes of its creator, must justify said creation.

If there is a tribe that agrees with the creator, then there is a greater likelihood that the creation will last in time. The ideological story will survive in time through narrative. Story is the currency of tribal survival. This exchange and others in existence runs the structural operations of symbolic structures and institutions. Ideology is the lifeblood of all. It is the cultural programming keeping the monster afloat. It is the work of many agencies throughout the psychological time of the person that sculpts the cultural programming.

A city of symbolic structures runs on the ideological notion that is all correct. 

Through a growing number of anomalies and disruptions, the system is thought to be misfiring.

The truth is, the system is not real.

The cultural landscape is the canvas for the cultural logic of the institutional artist: the brazen politician, the coked up billionaire, and the starving artist.

It is possible to create a counter narrative.

It is possible to create a pathway towards freedom form a past mired in an onslaught of injustice.

This journey must begin NOW.

And it begins with a shift in consciousness. ..





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Spirit breathes life into form.

The collective soul (Spirit, Source, God) finds itself born into a world full of forms. Some structures are more firmly rooted in time. We engrave our histories in time. Histories give us a road map to begin journey. They enable the continuation of time. They allow for a moving, hostile architecture.

Stories communicate essence, history, time.

In a world of structures and the symbolic, we write stories about their relations between them and ourselves. The story we write about these symbolic structures is the foundation of ideology. Enough sculptures will become real in mind, in time.

A structure is a sculpture in time.

Representations of these symbolic structures bare resemblance to to other similar representative interpretations. Photos of these structures are locked in time. An entire city of symbolic structures. It is of a thing. It is of a structure. I am drawing a photo drawn in time. The mind writes time. We are time writers. We are writing time. Writing time, a soul becomes sentient, god’s tree structures. 

This living thinking thing is writing and baring its own consciousness. 

This primal identification is the root of all conflict.

Consciousness sees itself as alive, it is experienced in form, it mistakes itself for form… Consciousness is the raw white board. We are culturally programmed in time. Find that space beyond time in stillness. 

Access the infinite realm of god.


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