God is consciousness before TIME.

The right narrative can reshape the WORLD.

We are falling away from time,

As I fall from EARTH,

I see the face of god.

There is a ground-level to ideology. There must be a witness to time, to presence, to Being. God speaks through silence. Narratives outlive us and that’s why we’re so invested. Perhaps there is an ideological structure that is conducive to exiting time. Ego is the cultural wiring of a particular consciousness. Narratives are ideological wiring of a culture.

We must begin to unload time. It is because we recede in time.

We must find exits in time. There is another world.

The outer world of form cannot fathom the inner world of peace.

We have created worlds of illusions, divisions that we must dissolve.

In the vertical dimension of time, in the structure-less essence of Being, in the language of god (silence),

exists that which can only be known through communion with god. (meditation)


We have created infinite ways to waste time. We have become addicted to form consciousness. We have become addicted to ideological stagnation…. We have created building blocks of communication, of consciousness. We have the power to communicate essence. We are eternal Spirit, yet we have become a roaming mass of zombies.

WE must FREE SPIRIT. We have become an audience witnessing the death of culture. We must dis-identify with form, with illusion, with time. We must imagine god-level consciousness. We must imagine pathways out of the time based narrative. There are tunnels, portals of silence exiting the time bound narrative. With form, there is identification, with identification, there is narrative, there is tribe, there is history, and therein exists conflict.  Identification with time based narrative will also include identification with time based forms. We have become accustomed to form, time based forms and form based consciousness.

Within the language of time exists the canvas for narrative. We become our minds, bored, afflicted writers interpreting reality through sense perception and ego identification. Within each narrative exists varying degrees and styles of ego. With the reduction of language, we begin to understand something beyond.

Within oceans of time, material godlessness rules over the living, breathing subject, the once materialist slave becomes an ocean of peace through stillness, through communion with god.

Within time, exists exits.

Exits offer pathways out of the time bound narrative.

Travel beyond worlds of time.

Travelers in TIME

We are drowning in an ocean of sculptures.

We are transforming into relics of an ancient literature. 

As we begin to discover the qualities of time based form, we begin to question its very nature.

We believe we are the illusion. WE believe we are the narrative. We begin to misinterpret time.

WE fall into the congress of time. Tormented. Chained. Aloof. 

The chains of time keep the WORLD still as long as we believe we are TIME (as long as we believe we are FORM).

Concentrate on the conception of god.  

Never ask for an ideology of wicked acclaim. They are not us, they say. We are travelers in time. 

The beginning of TIME has forgotten its original, structural conception. We must enlarge the scope of our vision, of our compassion.


We are not the inanimate things that we worship….

This is WHY we must imagine the god-level within. This is WHY we must MEDITATE. This is WHY we must construct a TIME that does not EXIST. We have become the cynical programming of the cultural masters. Money does not equate wisdom or compassion. The seemingly concrete  structure of TIME is an ILLUSION.  Imagine an alien realm where all is possible. Create an art that communicates the essence of things. The condition of humanity must not be the cynical disbelief of things. Imagine the flow of creation as it leaves mind. 


The structure of narrative TIME is malleable. Infinity narratives are housed in god structures and ideological institutions. Creatures survive in ideological packs at the cost of WORLD CONSCIOUSNESS. 


In the eyes of true Other,

we are godless, fearless creatures.

In the life of every moment is indestructible, eternal essence.

Sometimes it is us that sculpts time, and yet at other times it is time itself that sculpts our very minds.

It is the projection of timeless light that projects an infinite unknown.

For the timeless traveler, it is the absolute essence of source, Being, god.

As time structures, emotions, and trains of thought crawl toward extinction,

it is the infinite that calls out in the language of god.

Variations in the Formations of TIME.

Variations in the Formations of TIME.

We are travelers.

Chapters are measurements in time– Why we are not form, why we are always already god-level. For poetry to make sense, it has to come hard and fast. Love god like you would love your next breath. Not in the formations of classical definitions, but something else like fragments wandering in time seeking a destination unknown. There are the narrative tracks outside the cartographer’s map. There is more to explore outside the ideological structure. There is more that exists in the wilderness beyond the caves of mind, like unknown fears writing verses in silence.

Literature is an agreement with time.

I am listening to the wireless transfer of ego.

We are not these narratives that we tell ourselves. Through meditation, we enter narratives that are vehicles in time. In awareness, we are not the fixed event. We are travelers in time. I am a liberal, Spiritual anarchist. Writing is an agreement with Time, Being, Truth. However, the perceptions and accepted definitions of these powerful entities are almost entirely lost to the realm of ego. There is a deformation that takes place. I will write a way out of time. I will hand-write perfection. I will hand-write these notes. I am a writer unloading time. 

We begin to unload narrative time. We begin to dissolve time and human-made drama.

Imagine intolerable love.

Imagine god-level consciousness.

And we discover then the frequency we have been waiting for.


We are lyrical beasts that have become poisoned by time.

We have been sucker punched by narrative.

WE are tribes lost in the wilderness of time.

WE have fallen into narrative, into time.

We are not the national narratives that we tell one another.

We have created a time based, narrative based society. IN time, we must transform ourselves. If only through means of structure and the ideological protection that it affords. Ideologues need structures of thought (institutions).

Thought manifests time.

WE are a society of novelists, describers of all-viral level events.

ONCE AGAIN, thought manifests time.

WE spin time into narratives we sell ourselves. An institution is a physical structure that houses adherents to the ideological framework that manifests a subset of reality. All conflict is an extension of conflicting narratives warring, tearing away at the fabric of time. It is time to abandon the Midwest, middle class ideal of literature, it is time to transform the perception of time and narrative.

To transform reality, we must transform time, we must transform thought.  We must shift and move the ideological foundations  of the world. There is an unseen energy that connects all living things. There is an animating force that breathes life into form. There is a sculpture of the immeasurable distances between worlds of time. There is a living painting that falls into Being.

There is poetry that crystallizes all that is Time.

There is a realm that is unaccounted for: the land beyond narrative time.

We believe we are sculptors sculpting Time…

and yet we resist to fall into Being.

I am writing the great American KEEXZUS novel.

The period between book 0 – Jesus Incognito, book 1 falling into Being, and book 2 worldwide peace project (animalia in time):

book 0 affects book 1 affects book 2

The journey is the logical expression, the logical excavation of time.

It is the un-earthing of essence.

It is the awakening and separation of Spirit from the mind identified state of Being.

Language was an escape, each narrative was a vehicle to another destination in time, and in between stories, there was the lyrical bridge in between worlds, and I would imagine greater world’s of greater things, land bridges in between worlds, come alive and known as truth, imagine a building, now imagine that this building inhabits few souls of a frequency holding particular type, this building is for the formless free inside the realm of the unmanifested becoming known in a particular section of the time based, material world. The experience is endless light, peace, love, ec cetera, it is the known experience that cannot be captured adequately by language, it is the bridge, the walkway, into and beyond a different realm, it is within one. It is within source. Not merely a thought but a thing that is real in the here and now, imagine the vreation of a living dream… i’m going to write a book report on a book i wrote that doesn’t exist (book 0) soon and giving contextual, historical context for the logical spiritual profession of the trilogy. 

The trilogy IS THIS: (book 0) jesus incognito, (book 1) falling into being, (book 2) transforming world consciousness, by KEEXZUS.





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